The purpose of the North Carolina Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence is:

  • To promote growth, coordination, communication, and networking efforts within the opioid treatment field, including patients, staff, community, and government in the State of North Carolina,
  • To serve as a resource or participant in the development of and advocacy for legislation and/or policy relevant to the common interest of member programs and their patients at local, state and national levels,
  • To enhance patient care and the provision of treatment services to opioid dependent patients and their families,
  • To advocate for funding and research for behavioral health and medical treatment, educational and vocational programs, and other ancillary services that support best practice for patients,
  • To promote medication assisted treatment as a viable treatment and best practice for opioid dependent persons,
  • To assist others in the provision of suitable standards of care for opioid dependent individuals,
  • To advise its members as to changes in applicable laws, regulations, and advances in
  • medication assisted treatment,
  • To educate policy makers and encourage policy and legislation which facilitate and promote quality treatment for opioid dependent individuals,
  • To work to reduce the stigma and discrimination against opioid treatment providers and patients, and,
  • To promote the professional development of member program staff to ensure best standards of practice for all patients.