Chas Post Fundraiser

Chas Post is an attorney practicing in Sanford, North Carolina with the firm Post, Foushee, & Patton Trial Lawyers. A Sanford native, he has served on the city council since 2013, where he’s recently spearheaded the creation of a municipal task force to combat the opioid epidemic in his hometown.

Chas is known throughout the legal community as being a tenacious trial attorney who is not afraid to litigate the tough cases. He relishes an opportunity to represent the “little guy” and to go “head-to-head” with the tremendous power of government in front of a jury of 12. He has tried hundreds of bench trials, argued hundreds of pre-trial motions, and appeared in countless hearings on behalf of his clients. Chas has represented folks charged with First Degree Murder to simple Speeding Tickets. Chas has tried double-digit Superior Court jury trials, ranging from serious class B1 felonies, carrying a maximum sentence of Life in Prison without the Possibility of Parole, to general misdemeanor appeals; and he is relentless when negotiating with the prosecution for a dismissal of his client’s cases or for a reduced plea in cases where a trial is not in the best interest of his client.